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Another crazy thought

Posted by Rojit on June 6, 2008


                     Ever since I saw her, my heart has been trying to lean on the greatest emotion. Too bashful it is…that it seems itself that keeping its love untold is the true one. Still, it can’t beat normal each time my eyes encounter hers. And the fluent words become too hefty to slip out. Then an inexplicable phenomenon comes from nowhere transforming this world unto another one full of smiling faces where seasons never change, flowers blossoming all the time, birds chirping in continuity, rainbows never shading its colour….!!!! It’s really surreal to witness her and dreaming of her holding my hand someday infuses an energy and hope never felt before. 

            I’m too much overwhelmed being the person to like her that it has made me scared just by the thought of a world without her. I like her too much and I fear if this would decrease in any form in the days to come. My only dream being the fact that she would know how much this life means to her… someday she would know that even though she might not be the luckiest girl to love me but surely I am the luckiest guy to love her..!!


          Love was never part of my dream to be fulfilled but they say, “Life is full of unexpected phenomena… you never know what things might happen to you..!!”

When love came as a guest in my life, things were certainly not in the best way they should be… thoughts mingling up, day-dreaming the regular habit, one face as an image that can be seen whenever the eyelids get opened…always asking to God to let me meet her once more… hoping the conversations would never end… books never ever crossing this huge mind even for a moment…. yeah..yeah…everything disrupted…!! Then, one fine morning I was looking at the sunrise. I had waited for exactly 23 minutes after which the sun with its beautiful smile touched my face leaving a sensation never felt before. The brightest thing in this universe seemed to whisper in my ears saying a universal language… a language hard to decode but I felt something when the sun had over passed me doing the same thing it did to me to a million of people.

            “I can’t count the number of years sun has lived till today. It was only a child when the universe was formed. Still it’s the father of our world and there is not a single person who has lived or is still living who has never been touched by the sun. So, in that span of 1-2 minutes, it seemed to tell me a story of the human’s race where love became the saviour of all… each moment in one’s life makes his whole life and the life’s simple objective is to make the most out of it. Whether you know the fact that human is mortal, going to die any day or the fact that even the world has its Doom’s Day or whether the fact that even your loved ones are gonna leave you someday… still for that every moment that helps in building life, you have to believe that only good things are happening and shall happen…!! And doing or thinking that way, the only thing that guarantees the best is being in love…. coz when you are in love, devils might respect you… when you are in love, you desire to be good to everyone… coz love is the only thing that’s bestowed on human mankind to forget that there are also certain things created to end this civilization..!!



                     If this be the case, then certainly love has other way of being treated. And quite often, we have seen that love in various forms have led to deaths of millions of people. Here I’m not trying to mean those sacrifices made by the lovers for their lovers’ sakes. I’m trying to mean in a bigger sense….something like the love for the country or the love for the religion. And to be candid enough, I don’t think there is a need to cite any sort of examples in what ways the two forces mentioned above have taken lives of millions….be it the World Wars, be it the terrorism….be it anything…of course there might be people who would like to debate on this topic throughout his lifetime…but Love certainly has its own bad role….something like Bollywood twin brothers…one a good guy and the other a villain.

Am I trying to be political …?? May be…so I’m leaving this here and continue with the magical feelings of being in love.


So, when do we say we have fallen in love — at first sight or is it when the two eyes find themselves guilty again and again not to see the time running out or is it when we get surprises or gifts all the time or is it when we start missing that someone too much or is it when coincidences become like a fate to you or is it when you don’t find other person other than the only person who is nice to you…. God knows..!! The thing that guarantees is not the timing of you falling in love neither the length of being in that world of love but is the greatness when you feel when you first touch the water before swimming in that ocean. The majestic feelings of being someone the world smiles at you…being that special person the nature sings for you….being that important person for whom everyone is happy…. these feelings might encompass you and your thoughts readily in a very short span of time. You will always be happy thinking of her and happier hoping that she is also thinking of you. There is every chance of you trying to do silly stuffs just to see that curve in her face and often try to pretend yourself stupid in front of her. There shall never be a day you won’t think of her and never a moment your heart skipping without beating lup-dup with her name. You will realize the shortest time in your life when you are with her and the longest when you are away from her. You won’t feel bad even when you lie to your parents for the first time…be it regarding money or phone calls. Love is something which marks the end of a phase in someone’s life and the start of another one and that, during this phase everything seems to be fair. The list still goes on…..


I just can’t go on telling those feelings felt when someone is in love… because I still believe I’m a novice in this. And hence I can’t define the exact definition of what love actually is. Just think of this….. there are lakhs of couples in this world and of these, let me take only one thousand couple and ask them their love stories. Would you expect each and every story to be the same….?? You won’t fancy that idea…

So, it’s a small study that results in to say that there are more than one thousand definitions of LOVE and may be more… because there are not just couples filling up this world. There are people like nuns and fathers, people having scratches in love, prostitutes whom we never expect love coming, physically challenged people and lots….!!!

In a nutshell, it’s a hard thing to tell the actual meaning of love….rather true love. It is just that you feel it somehow in the course of time and often you realize it after a long time. It’s funny, but to think of it— being funny is one of the family members that join in to define the true meaning of love.

And, the definitions of course vary from person to person and from generations to generations. Also the first love needn’t necessary be the last and the true love. Romeo and Juliet love story may be the best but who knows… Romeo might have girl friends before meeting Juliet….you never know… For the kid who is celebrating his 10th BirthDay today, may be…. his true love whom he will meet in the long run hasn’t been borne…..may be..!!


When time guides you through the ups and downs of life and you find it hard to deal with…. still someday in the future, when you look back and wander at the tracts of life, you will be happy to see yourself falling in love with someone even though the then present has filtered her out from your life.


It’s really love…. that makes the world go round..!!!



Now, you guys must be wondering about what happened to that girl I mentioned in the first paragraph. Dudes, this isn’t a diary….it’s a blog only.


[Taken out from the ECG diagram of my heart.!!! lolz ] 








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