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Being Yours

Posted by Rojit on March 29, 2013

The waves come dashing the shores,

The distant sound seems close,

Under a moon so bright,

It takes me nowhere but a place,

I fondly cherish every time,

A place to my childhood

And this time, there isn’t any pain.

And this time, the tears lose their way.

‘Coz now, the wind smells of you,

‘Coz now, everything is right with you.

Blessed be those who have goodness in heart,

And blessed I’m, for having met you in my life!




The waves come kissing the shores again,

This time, the sound seems to fade away,

And I forget there is a bright moon up,

Time stops for none, so shall these moments

With her by my side, I think none.

With her in my life, I’ll never have to think.

And this time, I feel death funny

And this time, infinity seems closer.

‘Coz now, I hear your voice,

‘Coz now, I could feel your hands.

Meaningful be a life with peace and success.

And meaningful my life is, with your smiles all around!




The waves now come drenching both of us,

This time, I know the loneliness of any sound,

And any light looks to disappear for eternity.

The vastness of mysterious future, no one fathoms

But her presence in this short story of mine,

Forcing happiness to welcome each moment

And this time, wishes recede from this life

And this time, this life feels completed!

‘Coz now, I’m kissing the most beautiful girl,

‘Coz now and always will be, I love you!!

Greatness be called when one’s deeds are respected,

And greatness my life feels, for having loved only YOU!


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Once a Delhi-Imphal affair

Posted by Rojit on February 28, 2013

I looked at the faces engulfed with excitements and wondered how much this would be magnified in just about 3 and half hours after (240 minutes to be exact). The girl with the tattoo exulted a sense of pride with her so called ‘fashionable attire’ which she put on and which, to many, would be laughed at. To me, she looked exactly like, no offence, the lady in the movie ‘Grudge’. The children on the other hand at the queue kept on creating a nuisance and yet, amazingly I found everyone having a curve in each of their faces!
Then, the best thing happened when the cute air hostesses on 6E-221 greeted us putting on an artificial smile. I was going back to Imphal for a week-long stay bunking a few classes of course!
Mine was 18F (if you remember the once-upon-a-time yahoo chat, this means female aged 18!!) and even though for an umpteenth time, I have been on a low cost airline like this, yet I asked the girls in Indigo colour where my seat was. That was a ‘bahana’ to talk to them and to add more, I added – ‘where, where!?’ 18F was as comfortable as it could get…windows seat, slightly in the mid way and most importantly, no girl besides me!
As an unsorted hobby, I usually peeped into the name chests of the airhostesses but amazingly I didn’t do it this time. I was more into another state of mind and this was preoccupied by the scenic beauty created at the airdrome by the artificial lights. The flight took off with not much of a hiccup and as I gazed through the windows, Delhi was so beautiful at this time of the day and at this atmospheric level, it had become paused. This moment, I pondered about Delhi being the capital and so many things happening each and every moment, and that this tranquil picture would be soon transformed into the usual day with buzz all around!

In the midst of this, the small picture did come to my mind as always and wondered the day when She might be lighted the way Delhi was that moment. The journey was long enough to see the entire sky illuminated by the slow rising of the sun and for me, it was the ultimate thing I have ever witnessed! You saw clouds passing through the wings and at the far far off place, you could see magnificent bounties of nature formed with these clouds. It was closest to the thing called heaven. And out of nowhere, you could witness something in your lifetime – the snow clad Himalayas! And I knew at this height, that these mountain ranges extend till far northeast even touching Manipur and the very thought of this left a happy moisture all over this face. Like almost in every discussion we had when we sorta get drunk, I was having this series of questions over my mind as to what could be done…rather what could I do for this small state of mine in order to let everyone live and let live with peace and prosperity all around! I smiled at myself thinking what the hell I was thinking at this part of the world where I was like 1000 feet above the ground and forget about doing something for my state, the next few hours of me being landing in Imphal wasn’t at all an ‘inevitable’! I remembered movies like ‘Cast Away’, Final Destination etc and somewhere in these happy moments, I was somewhat in the midst of angst.

The flight from Guwahati to Imphal should take 40 minutes at the max. But the flight was delayed by an hour and half and that’s something I wasn’t expecting from Indigo Airlines. That’s OK because in the next half and hour or so, what someone’s gonna experience could definitely blow your mind away! And it did that to me like every time when the valley of Imphal being surrounded by 9 hills could be seen from top view! Mesmerized I was and I didn’t know where but suddenly I had this urge of jumping off from the plane at that moment. The Loktak lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, was the next to be witnessed. When I first saw it, I was amazed by the formation of little structures by the floating grass or rather ‘phumdi’ as the local call it! It’s magical and it seems like my heart has been wishing for something so spectacular that it’s out of this mind.


A view of Loktak lake. Courtesy:kanglaonline

A view of Loktak lake. Courtesy:kanglaonline

And as the flight lowers the altitude, all I do as many other flight mates, is to figure out the places that were on view. And frankly, looking down from the sky so high at those places my life’s moments assembled to, it was still hard to identify. I did identify ‘Ningthem Pukhi’ and the Porompat TV tower once. Across all these beautiful landscapes, there was also something running in the back of my mind and which was to break free in the minutes to come – the joy of inhaling the air of Imphal city.

As soon as the flight landed and all I could hear were people talking to their kith and kins telling them about flight landing and some blah blah. This particular young boy sitting behind me was asking his mom what dish was on the menu! ”Oh how I miss having chagempomba!” – my first thought. The grudge looking girl was walking just after me as I walked out of the Arrival terminal and boy, her family was OK. I was again with all the people assembled there looking at her with awe with just a simple thought – God save her!
In half an hour, I was at home with ‘lafu eromba’(banana stems) and fish curry. And As my granny stood there watching me having my lunch, I knew exactly what she was thinking – When will I leave her again? And we both knew though smiling ateach other, it hurt like anything!

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Is happiness everywhere?

Posted by Rojit on January 31, 2013

Well this is my first and last post of this month. Lets see how much I can write today. So, today this thought came unto me from nowhere and I was thinking to myself that may be happiness has a specific home..may be not. Man, from an era when he didn’t know how to even croon, has been achieving enumerable feats of making himself happy in some way or the other. He has all the time been making both ends meet to see his family or fellow beings live in the most comfortable way. Even in the new artificial world, where emotions seem to raise white flag against the needs, there are still people who put their lives just for the sake of happiness.  “Being happy”… they say is the latest motto..!!

                             Now sometimes in life, incidents that are never welcomed come in our way as gift from the Above. Deaths of near and dear ones, losses in business, health breakdown, failing in exams, cricket loss, role models coming out to be jerks, a scar in love..all are some examples that can be cited where one finds himself at a dungeon of wrapped with sadness. Then is the definition of life being a mixture fulfilled.?? And is the spontaniety of happiness sometimes concealed by such  events..?? Cant we find joy and ecstasies even at those times…??

    Let me narrate a small story..It goes like this…Once a guy in a certain village fell in love with a beautful gal (a dancer) who also loved him equally…!! They dated for around 2 years and at that time, the gal came to know she had a cancer and was gonna die in three weeks. She couldn’t tell the guy what her destiny had become then. So, she asked the guy to dance for her thinking that would be her greatest gift from him. The guy promised to dance for her. But fate had another way of treating a dying gal. The guy went away to another village. For her, life had become meaningless and for the guy who went actually to learn dance, the dreaded fate was very cool just like before a storm. After few days, when he came back, the death news of his love broke him down. Happiness that he thought of when he would be dancing infront of her, suddenly vamoosed and he was left with a dry fate knowing nothing of what his life had done to him. He lost his love.. his life was never the same..!! After two months, a thunder never so loud in the village’s history marked the start of the monsoon. And there the guy was  sitting near their community field. Then, from nowhere, rain came.. He was still unmoved. Then,the face of the guy that had been pale for the last two months, suddenly had a glow and he started dancing. He was smiling like before and was dancing with a spirit that showed his love. He was dancing… for two hours when the village leader asked him what actually happened. He answered with a little smile..” I promised to someone that I would dance in front of her while raining ..!! I think she is very happy now even though this thin boundary of death and life has separated us.. ! “

                           I think my story has gone somewhere and I cant bring out the exact moral of the story in relation with my today’s topic… May be it’s because it’s just a random thought..!! But the thing is that, no matter what the conditions in life are, there is always a way to find  happiness…Just like in this story, the guy found a new feeling of joy even though his love was never gonna be with him. No one is perfect… even the Almighty as they say. That’s why He made life hard even for good people. It’s one time life and it asks a lot of smiles and laughters rather contemplating over what fate has caused you this and that….!!! So, happiness is everywhere and everytime…It’s just that matter of what we perceive..!!

” O life, where art thou taking me to..? But wherever thou traverse, please make ‘love’ a guest once more before thou meet your best comrade–death..!!” 

PS: Extremely sorry not to post a new one. This one has been taken from my other blog which has been lying inactive for so many years. Still, I second this idea of myself once more and felt apt to post it today. Yes, I’,m getting too lazy! :P

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